Applications of Tinplate
Beverage Can
Tinplate for beverage cans from PATIN is of good plate profile and stable hardness, and up to the technical specifications of high-speed can manufacturing. The Reverse Grain Steel Sheet, PATIN’s own innovation, can be widely used when switching between cans of different heights and shapes.
Dry Miscellaneous Can
Tinplate for dry miscellaneous cans is mainly used in high-end candy cans, gift boxes, jewel boxes, etc.. Customized sizes and surfaces are available.
Milk Powder Can
This kind of high-cleanliness tinplate is mainly used to manufacture medium and high-end milk powder cans without internal coating. Customized tinplate with sliver surface is also available for different needs.
Food can
PATIN manufactures highly corrosion-resistant tinplate specially for food cans of various contents and needs. PATIN tinplate is widely used in fruit cans, fish cans, vegetable cans and meat cans, etc..
Aerosol Can
Tinplate from PATIN is widely used in medium and high-end aerosol cans, including high and ultra-pressure vesse1s. Material for can body, top and bottom cover have established high reputation, especially for refrigerant can and gas can.
Easy Open Lid
Tinplate from PATIN is widely used in easy-open lids. Shearing service is provided.
Screw Cap
PATIN tinplate of even hardness and good lugs ratio is mainly used in screw caps of medium and high-end food brands.
Valve of Aerosol Can
Tinplate from PATIN claims a high share of aerosol can valves in both domestic and foreign markets.
Electronic Components
PATIN tinplate for electronic components is widely used in various high-end products,which depends on excellent shapes and sizes, controlled thickness and hardness, and an even application of tin coating. Our tinplate has good process ability for punching, bending and etc.