Quality Management

Quality Policy 

Professionalism is our pursuit.Quality is our honor.We are progressing with the times and meet the needs of our clients alongthe way. 

Implications of PATIN quality policy:

1.Professionalism runs through PATIN operation. As tinplate is in itself a professional product, PATIN makes it with professional equipment and technologies, by professional workforce, in the professional spirit of precision, particularity for perfection. By properly managing cost of production, PATIN presents the best choice for our clients’ needs.
2.Quality is PATIN’s understanding of honor. It is always our top priority. It is in quality that PATIN seeks its credit, profit, development or even the very survival. Relentless pursuit of superb quality has taken us where we are now.
3.PATIN progresses with the times as we meet our clients’ varied needs. we make solemn commitment to adapt our efforts to the dynamically varying customers’ needs. It is PATIN’s unceasing pursuit that, with professionalism and innovation, we would keep improving ourselves and make ever-greater efforts to make sure our clients are satisfied with PATIN products.


Quality Assurance

PATIN products conform strictly to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) G3303
Multiple testing procedures are set during the production processes, such as testing of electroplating amount, plating thickness, pinhole during manufacturing, and that of surface characteristics of the finished product, including tin coating amount, coated oil amount, passivation coating, roughness, hardness and appearance.
Quality inspectors strictly monitor every procedure. To further improve the quality management system, PATIIN has set out to carry out ISO9001 system since 2000, and passed the official authentication in October 2000. Other quality management standards are also pursued by PATIN, including:
—ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System
—Measurement Management System
—As of now the quality of PATIN products has met specifications of similar products in Japan, widely accredited among customers. 


One-stop quality management from the Metal plate to the finished tinplate.
—Special tin-coating process is designed for special quality management based on different customer needs and applications
—Regular technical communications with clients on the base plate and on their quality management technologies.
—Advanced computer system for quality management.
—Moth-proofing management at the tinplate workshop.


Streamline Quality Control Equipment