Energy Management

PATIN 积极推行能源管理,强化全员节能意识,合理利用能源,提高能源的使用效率,合理组织生产,减少能源消耗,杜绝浪费现象,降低各项相关成本,增强整体的竞争力。


Thermal Energy Recycling and Reuse

The hot blast air is recycled and reused to reduce the use of steam.



1.PATIN is currently dedicated to the certification of its system of energy management, standardizing its management of energy.

2.Target-oriented responsibility system is applied in the management of energy, which measures the energy consumption by unit of turnout. Monthly analysis of target achievement is carried out to examine the causes of failure and employ countermeasures.

3.High energy-consuming electric motors are progressively phased out in accordance with national policies and regulations.

4.Energy-saving measures are adopted such as photovoltaic power generation.

5.LED is used in all workshop lightings.

6.PATIN explores the energy potential of its production lines by recycling and transforming the heat energy.

7.100% equipment of energy measurement device.

8.PATIN seeks persistent perfection of its energy management.