Featured Products

Facilitated by the strong technological support from NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL, PATIN Guangzhou is committed to researching and developing various products for special markets to meet customerized needs and ensure our competiveness in the market.

● High-Cleanliness Tinplate for Milk Powder Cans
● Inversed Crystal Steel Plate (which reduces our customers’stocking and ordering scale).
● High Strength Thinning DR Tinplate for Three-Piece Cans
● High-Cleanliness Non-Toxic Printable Filmed Plate
● Non-Toxic DRD Tinplate for Two-Piece Cans
● Tinplate for Highly Braze Weldable Electronic Components
● Continuously Annealed Low-Carbon Soft IF Steel
● Tinplate for Highly Corrosion-Resistant Food Cans
● DR Tinplate Specially for EOE (which reduces the thickness)

High-cleanliness technology.
Stable process ability and weldability.
Assuring food safety. 

A new kind of product produced by adjusting the annealing time, enabled by the improved calendering technology, which creates more even grain distribution, and roughly the same L and C elongation. A more economical choice.

DR Tinplate specialized for three-piece cans, featuring small change of intensity in the heat affected zone, thus avoiding flanging cracking problem since the pressure is not concentrated.

Even and stable tinplate with excellent weldability, suitable for the highest speed production line.

Featuring electroplating technology with high corrosion resistance, this product of PATIN with stable process ability and weldability is perfect for food cans.

Good and stable mechanical properties make it suitable for high-speed punch.

Special control technology of highly braze weldable electronic components gives this PATIN product high process ability.