Plant Safety

PATIN Work Safety Management


1.Basically PATIN’s on-site safety management feature “5S” and TPM activities, in which everyone participates.

2.PATIN advocates standardized safety management and is awarded Secondary Certificate for the Standardized Management.

3.PATIN advocates occupational safety and health management and is awarded ISO 18001 Certificate for occupational safety and health.

4.Employees receive safety education on three levels: at their posts, in their workshops and corporate level. All of them must pass the examination at the end of the training before they are on duty.

5.It is PATIN awareness that precaution is the best safety measure, for which all employees above technician level are supposed to make safety patrols every day. Should there be any potential hazard, it will be followed up closely until resolved.

6.Special safety supervisors are chosen to organize all activities concerning work safety year round, such as fire drills, work safety quiz, test use of special equipment and contingency plan drills, etc..