Sales Team

PATIN’s Proud Sales Team

Professional and Devoted Staffs
Our staffs of  sales team consist of outstanding ability, long sales experiences and good knowledge of tinplate technologies and products. Our team is devoted to maintaining long-term relationship with our  customers, fulfilling their current and potential demands. It is their efforts to provide better services that have improved the favor and confidence with the customers.


Prompt Response and Service with Great Care
Here in PATIN, customers’ needs are always the first priority and to be met at all our resources, no matter how difficult and urgent they are. Our staff will try best to fulfill the request of change on orders, inventories and delivery.


Mutual Trust and Customer-First Commitment
To assure stable supply for customers, our service team follows all orders closely, with attention to practical inventory and preparation for substitution. We also provide the optimal transportation and storage plans to save the cost of our customers.


Innovation and Creativity for a Head Start
In order to satisfy the market needs and changes, we will continuously assist customers in their development of  new technology or products through promoting our new technology. It must make you and us to arrive at differentiated marketing.


Effective Communication and Sharing information
Making use of information and logistics support by our shareholders, global business innovation companies, MISI and MITSUI, we can provide local and global market information of tinplate, including price level, price trend, consumption and etc. So our customers can cultivate prospective clients and save their sales costs.


Win-Win Cooperation
Through we have effective communications with customers and understand theirindustry and market situation, we ensure a Win-Win partnershipwith every customer.




 Tanaka Shogo

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Li Guoxiong

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Li Changjiang

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You Junfeng
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Fu Zecong
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 He Farong






Liu  Xin
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Tang Zhen

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