Social Responsibility

PATIN has always bear in mind its social responsibilities and found every means to repay the society. Over the years we have been playing active roles in various causes of the community, such as neighborhood safe-keeping, money-raising for the poor, school fieldtrips, etc.. Xiagang Community Administrative Office of the Development District has awarded PATIN such honors as “Model Safe-Keeper of Community Public Security”, “Model Enterprise for Work Safety and Fire Safety”, etc.. PATIN is also one of the Training Bases for Middle School and Primary School Students.


Friendly Neighborhood and PATIN’s Open Day

To promote positive interactions within the neighborhood, PATIN holds “PATIN Open Days”, inviting people in the community to visit the factory. Residents and other enterprises in neighborhood are impressed with PATIN’s efforts at environmental protection, the transparency and mutual trust enhance their confidence in PATIN’s commitment to environment.


A Gathering of Friendly Neighbors               Visit of teachers and students from

                                                                           the Second PrimarySchool of Guangzhou

                                                                Development District.